Why Whatspeak

Why Whatspeak ?

We see that in today's world by using all these apps like Multi-utility massaging, video calling, chatting, photo sharing, People can communicate only those people who are visible as online only. Where in Whatspeak we are giving this facility that people can communicate with each other after being offline also. That is the only reason that why we create Whatspeak as a connecting media for all the people. The unique features of Whatspeak are:
1) Click to call
2) Video call
3) Chatting
4) Get Mobile Number
Click To Call
The Users who wants to use this click to call option only this person need the internet connection to make this call. And the opposite person after being offline also can receive the call without using any internet connection. And while they start their conversation they don't even need any internet connection for both the side.


Whatspeak has its own server to make the calls. The procedure is that we are connecting two mobile or land number through our server number. So, both the person can speak to each other without using any internet. After create an account when users do log in into their account, the whatspeak dashboard option will automatically display there and the person can see lots of opposite sex profile. When user will click to any opposite sex profile then he will directly go to private chat option and user can speak to the opposite sex profile through this option. They can also see their profile photo into the header and with that they can view their profile details, click to call, video call, and get mobile number option.
When user will click into the click to call option (need internet), at first he will receive a call from whatspeak own server number (0353xxxxxxx) and the person needs to receive this call. After receiving this call the call will automatically conference to the other opposite sex profile's registered number (no internet) from the same Whatspeak server number (0353xxxxxxx). Hence, both the person can speak to each other without seen their personal details (without internet).
Get Mobile Number

Click to this button person can see those users' numbers who has shared their personal number in this option and if person cannot see the number for any particular profile, then the person can view that user do not want to share their number .
Video Call

If user are ready to take the video call or be online then only video call can be possible for both the opposite person and if not then the person can see the cross mark button. Then it is clear to them that they are unable to take the video call now.

Click to Call problem
1) If incoming facility is not available on mobile/Phone.
2) If duel sim is there and if registered sim will not be in slot number one.
3) If it is out of coverage area.
4) If there is advertisement for the phone company.
5) If Whatspeak server is down (maximum 2% failure). 6) If the number is new series number and the number will not available to the entire service provider.
7) If the number starts with 91/0.

Video call problem
1) If Cam/Headphone is not there.
2) If internet connection is not there for both the side.
3) If the browser is not in the updated version. ( Mozilla Firefox)
4) If Headphone/cam driver is not there.
5) If adobe flash player is not there.
6) If 3G, Broadband, Wi-Fi connection is not there. (high speed)
7) If Whatspeak server is down (maximum 2% failure).